About Us

Headed by James Ottewell and Annabel Keeves, we work to ensure the properties we deliver reflect the local vernacular and needs of the local community. We do this, where possible, by identifying requirements and using high quality building materials, to include clay tiles, cast iron rain water, natural stone and green oak . We hope to help create lasting and timeless properties that settle into the community and environment effortlessly.


Pear Tree Mews listed by NWLDC as one of their commended schemes in their recent adopted Supplementary Planning Document on Good Design. Described as ‘sensitive infill development; sensitive restoration of existing building. Carefully considered approach to the arrangement of buildings around a courtyard space. High quality materials and careful detailing’.

Melbourne Civic Society- Highly Commended Award 2015 for an attractive row of three new houses which make a striking addition to the street scene

Derbyshire County Council Greenwatch Award for ‘outstanding work in the restoration of a listed building’

Nominated for a ‘Built for Life’ scheme at Nottingham Trent University 2012

Commended for outstanding small developments by Nick Boles, Housing Minister


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